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Aeon8800A Anesthesia Workstation

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Aeon8800A Anesthesia Workstation

Advanced management of ventilation provides accurate delivery of gas and more settings, making
it more effective to care all types of patients.
15″ TFT color LCD touch screen is easy to observe and to use, which makes it facility to set all
parameters and gas mixture.
A wide stainless worktable with LED light gives the operator a comfortable experience. Folding
table provides more work space.

GCX rails support the installation of other devices to the workstation easily.
Casters with central brakes make the workstation easy to move.
Comprehensive monitoring of gases includes: O2 (paramagnetic), CO2, AG, etc.
CE certification, meets EU clinical requirements.

New Generation of Breathing Circuit
Safe, stable and efficient anesthesia management
The characteristic breathing circuit is made of alloy, resistant to corrosion and autoclavable for
Adjustable angle, easy to install, and many other user-friendly designs make maintenance easier.
APL valve includes a quick-release function, the upper pressure limit is accurately adjustable,
avoiding repeated operations and improving anesthesia efficiency
The Breathing Circuit has heating system and CO2 bypass function.

Comprehensive Monitoring
15″ TFT LCD color touchscreen, displays patient data with paging data area and waveforms.
In addition to traditional monitoring parameters, special monitoring parameters, such as Driving Pressure(DP)
and stress index(SI), are provided to guide clinicians in adjusting ventilation parameters.
Spirometry loops can be stored for future reference, allowing clinicians the ability to better understand changes
in the patient’s response to therapy.
Continuous trend information together with time discrete events are stored and shown in the table or chart.

Provides medical gas consumption calculations: including O2, N2O and Agent. And provide calculations of
CO2 production
International standard data protocol support to connect to internet center of hospitals.

Advanced and Smarter Ventilator
In order to meet the needs of modern respiratory management, Aeon8800A provides
complete anesthesia ventilation capabilities that include new ventilation modes,
provide more flexibility in ventilation strategy, suitable for various patients and

Pressure Control Ventilation with Volume Guaranteed (PCV-VG) is a controlled
ventilation mode combining the advantages of VCV and PCV for patients requiring
controlled mechanical ventilation. PCV-VG delivers the desired tidal volume to the
patient, offers the benefits of PCV with lowest inspiratory pressure , provide better
oxygenation at lower peak inspiratory pressures and higher mean airway pressure
compared to volume control ventilation
Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation with Volume Guaranteed
(SIMV-VG) delivers a setting rate of Pressure Control Ventilation with Volume
Guaranteed (PCV-VG) to the patient. The patient can breathe spontaneously
between mandatory breaths. Pressure support can be used to support the spontaneous breaths

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