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Aeonmed SUN 5 Medical Heating Blanket

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Aeonmed SUN 5 Medical Heating Blanket is for unintended hypothermia and complications during anesthesia and perioperative and it endangers patients as following:
Affects cardiovascular system
Increases the risk of surgical-site infections (SSI) Increases bleeding and volume of blood transfusion Increases risk of deep vein thrombosis
Increase shivering incidence by 40% Oxygen transport reduction
Affects the central nervous system
Range of Application:
Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit and so on
Performance - Better heating performance
Flexible carbon fiber heating technology, featured in fast heating, high thermal efficiency, high strength and long life time
Homogenous warming gives the average heat to the whole surface. Differential temperature on mattress surface is smaller than 1ºC Pressure relief mattress with high elasticity provides large contact surface, and offers high efficient warming effect
Safety - Safe and reliable
Low voltage ensures the safety of both patients and operators
IPX7 waterproof grade - There's no shock danger even put the mattress into 1 meter deep water
Green - Economic and environment friendly
No consumables, low running cost, can be used for most of the patients without extra cost
Silent operation, no noise contamination to the hospital
Low power consumption - Save electric bill and reduce carbon footprint Cost saving - Shorten hospitalization, improve bed-ward turnaround time, and reduce hospital operating costs
Operating - Professional design for laminar flow operating room
X-ray translucent, no influence to the quality of image examination
Compact, ergonomic, easy to use
No airborne contamination, no influence to the surgical environment
Easy to clean and disinfect, current infection control procedure is applicable
Different dimensions of mattress, can meet multiple application and clinical use