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CONTEC NE-M01 Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

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The Mesh Nebulizer forms nebulizing effect by the following actions, the high-frequency vibration of piezoelectric ceramic piece leads to the deformation of micro plate, so that the liquid in contact with the micro plate is atomized. The device is applicable for use in hospital, clinic and family.
1) Small in volume, light in weight, easy to operate, safety and noiseless in using.
2) Low power consumption(two batteries).
3) One-button operation, convenient to use.
4) Small in particle size(about 5 μm), easy to absorb.
5) Automatic power off when there is no liquid.

1) One-button operation.
2) Power indication.
3) Low-battery detection.
4) Automatic power off when there is no liquid.

Particle distribution: the proportion of particle diameter smaller than 5μm is no less than 90%
Nebulization rate: ≥0.25 mL/min
Working frequency: 110KHz±10%
Working mode: continuous working
Power supply: two “AA” batteries or power adapter(DC 5V)
Safety classification: class Ⅱ, type BF applied part


A User Manual
A connection line for adapter
An adult mask
A child mask

Physical characteristic
Dimension: 67.42 mm(L)×48.53 mm(W)×116.92 mm(H)

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