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Heyer VS500S Premature, Neonatal & Pediatric Ventilator

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Start respiratory care with the Heyer VS500S Premature, Neonatal & Pediatric Ventilator.

VS500S is a specially designed non-invasive ventilator for premature infant, neonate and pediatric. It provides comprehensive non-invasive ventilation to meet various respiratory management requirements.

10.4” highly sensitive capacitive touchscreen Provides clear vision with comprehensive monitoring data. Easy to learn, Easy to operate • User-friendly interface • No hidden menu • Immediately access and change ventilation modes and parameters.

4 types of ventilation mode fully cover various clinical needs

NCPAP appears to stabilize the chest wall and upper airway and to reduce apneas. Early application of CPAP might also preserve surfactant.

NIPPV is associated with a significantly decreased need for intubation including among the extremely preterm infants.

SNIPPV can improve stability of chest wall and pulmonary mechanics. SNIPPV can be a means to wean infants from mechanical ventilation.

HFNC is to optimize spontaneous breathing through the reduction of dead space and the creation of positive distending airway pressure.


Real-time monitoring assures patient safety with SpO2 module, VS500S has real-time monitoring including 3 waveforms, SpO2/FiO2, PI and OSI to give more reference for clinical decision to facilitate early diagnosis of Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

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