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Maxi Splint

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Maxi Splint - Plastic interlocking splint.


Material: Recycled polypropylene. 

Colour: Black. 

Dimensions: 250mm x 100mm x 15mm.

Weight: 130g.

180° and 90° configurations.  



The Maxi Splint has been designed to protect broken bones, dislocated joints, and injured soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments by immobilization. It restricts movement of the injured area. It can help reduce further damage, pain, swelling, and muscle spasms. The Maxi Splint can lock into a 180° and 90° configuration. The splint has a 1 tongue - 2 grove locking system. Clip the tongue into either of the groves and press together firmly so the surfaces are flush. this can be repeated with multiple units in order to gain the desired length. Bandage the splint to the patient in such a manner that it protects/immobilises the affected area and causes minimal discomfort.


The Maxi Splint is designed to temporarily protect the above mentioned injuries. It is not intended to be a long term solution. Should the splint be contaminated by any bodily fluids, it must be disposed of in the correct manner. Should you be uncertain of the application or any other matter regarding the splint, please consult your safety officer or a medical practitioner.

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