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Oxygen Concentrator 5L SZ-5BW

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Oxygen concentration93±3
Flow range1-5L/min
Max nebulizing rate≥0.15ml/min
Operation noise level≤56dB(A)
Output pressure30kpa-70kpa
Input power350VA
Voltage220V±10% 50HZ±1

Feature of membrane oxygen concentrator:

* French imported molecule sieve, long life and more efficiency.

* Adopts american PSA technology, use Physical method to separate pure oxygen from air.

* Brand-new design, Small size and nice looking

* Compact structure design, light weight, easy to move

* Advanced oil-free compressor, save 30% power energy 

* Big LCD Screen easy to operate

* Displaying the oxygen concentration in real time.

* Optional nebuylizer and oxygen purity alarm function

* Power off alarm, abnormal voltage alarm

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