SA's Medical Equipment & Supplies Marketplace




You may be asking yourself…
“Why should I be selling on a multivendor marketplace?”
We believe that the question you should be asking yourself is…
“Why am I not selling on the 3J Medical marketplace yet?!”

Imagine spending less time, money and effort on:


Difficult customers


After sales service

Internal and external logistics and staff


And getting the benefits of:

Exposure to new national and international markets

Increased sales volumes

Detailed reports

Dedicated support for your business


Easy administration

Amazing after sales support for your customers

Multiple logistical options

A definite LOWER cost of sale

HIGHER Profit Margin




What does 3J Medical do for you when you join?


We set up your personalized online store

We assist with listing and uploading your products

We provide training and support on how to use all aspects of the platform

We stock your products at our facilities if required

We market your products on your behalf

We assist you with your own customized digital marketing strategy

We assist with product fullfillment if required

We provide ongoing support for your store

We provide after sales service for your customers


How do you manage your Web Based E-Commerce store?


The intuitive web based DASHBOARD makes it easy to monitor and control your store from anywhere!

From here you can:

Add and Remove products

Change pricing

Run promotions

Run advertising campaigns

Monitor stock levels

Get reports

Communicate with customers

View your ratings

Communicate with the 3J Medical support team


If you require further information please contact us and we would love to personally demonstrate the entire system to you!