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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is the medical use of oxygen at an increased level of pressure, (hyper) means increased, (baric) means pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a treatment that enhances the body’s natural healing process by providing an environment, which allows the body to absorb much higher amounts of oxygen than possible at normal atmospheric pressure. It increases the oxygen transport capacity in the blood. This non-invasive therapy is the most trusted way to increase oxygen levels to all organs of the body.

It is used around the world to treat a wide range of conditions, including autism, diabetic ulcers, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, migraines, wounds, inflammation, orthopaedic rehabilitation, crush injuries, and is becoming used in a much wider range as research develops. It is also used by athletes who wish to speed up recovery of tissue damage caused by hard training.

Treatments usually last for 60 – 90 minutes where the client lies in a comfortable chamber and breathes high levels of oxygen.

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